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In the summer a lot of supermarkets always like to put some cooked food placed in storage cabinets were fresh, do in fact have no problem, but when consumers buy can not rush to eat and cause diarrhea, vomiting, fever and other symptoms of poisoning, Although there is a low temperature storage cabinet can be fresh food, but it does not have to kill bacteria, it only inhibits bacterial growth only.

The official pointed out fresh cabinet diarrhea not only has a relationship with the food itself, but also by the food store with a lot of professional advice summer, supermarket fruits and vegetables fresh cabinet should do a major cleaning and finishing, to sort out good food storage . First is noteworthy that, do not put food packed in ordinary plastic bags inside, because a lot of plastic bags and plastic food containers are not dedicated, for example, PVC food wrap on the human body great harm, because of its composition B hexyl amine easily precipitate, followed by the food into the body, they are carcinogenic, harmful to human safety. Recommended to choose transparent and translucent material, when used without opening the box, you can easily confirm in the box, box temperature, the opportunity to enter the gas also greatly reduced.

Fresh food when installed in cabinet selection of high-quality crisper, avoid cross-contamination, reducing the possibility of infection. When you purchase should pay attention to confirm crisper crisper the materials used, to use PC, PE, PP and glass and other harmless materials crisper.

Fresh cabinet in preventing diarrhea, when the method is to try to eat fresh food, as much as possible not to store food in the refrigerator for a long time, for those who do need to save for a long time in the refrigerator of food is placed in the freezer in storage.

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